HR’s Role in Digital Transformation

All organisations must carry out digital transformation or risk losing competitiveness in the rapid wave of development in the digital age. 

The need for transformation presents HR teams with an opportunity to prove that they are the key strategic differentiators for their organisations. Here are 4 Key Roles for HR in Digital Transformation: 

HR as an Innovator 

HR teams must have innovative thinking while they focus on hiring digital talents with skills such as design thinking, data orientation, and network leadership. They should also encourage a culture of creativity and innovation among the workforce to keep up with industry trends.  

Additionally, HR is responsible for training and rewarding employees for adopting a digital mindset and moving away from outdated business practices. 

HR as a Driver of Business 

Digital transformation demands a leadership that ensures the organisation grows responsibly with sustainability, environment and inclusivity. This requires HR to be a strategic business partner to propel the organisation forward.  

In a nutshell, the HR function needs to transform from being a personnel function, such as handling payroll and conducting learning and development, to being instrumental in organisational development.  

HR as a Change Agent 

A “culture team” that helps with change management should support an organisation’s transformation, especially during intense change. 

Modern HR teams play the role of change agents by using analytics and predictive analysis to help create the right talent mix and help employees achieve career development. In this context, HR guides the cultural shift organisations need for successful digital transformation. 

HR as a Coordinator 

A change as big as digital transformation involves multiple teams and departments, thus creating possibilities for conflicts. Hence, HR needs to be the coordinator that binds the organisation through a common purpose. 

HR leads the organisation in adopting a digital culture and ensures smooth collaboration among various departments in digitalising internal and external functions like business development, communications, customer relations, and marketing.


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