Comparing Freelancers With Independent Contractors

Business organisations occasionally hire temporary workers – freelancers or independent contractors – for extra support to complete projects. 

To give a better picture of how these temporary workers do their job, we have compiled Several Differences Between Freelancers and Independent Contractors: 

Accepting Clients

Since most freelance jobs are part-time or limited in scope, freelancers often accept more than one client at once and as many as they choose. 

Independent contractors can also work with as many clients as they can manage. However, independent contractors may take on larger projects, meaning they generally have fewer clients at a time.  

Setting rates

Freelancers are responsible for deciding what to charge and negotiating rates (by the hour or the project) with each client. They also manage invoicing and following up on payments themselves. 

As for independent contractors, those who work independently set and negotiate their own hourly or project-based rates. Those who accept clients through an agency rely on the agency to establish and secure an acceptable rate for each job. 

Creating deadlines and schedules

Freelancers control their schedules but must still meet deadlines and stick to timelines. 

In contrast to freelancers, an independent contractor’s schedule might look more like a traditional employee’s. Many contractors agree to work specific hours, such as 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but some arrange their own schedules. 

Choosing a work location

Freelancers have the freedom to decide where they work. They might have a home office or choose cafes, libraries or other public spaces as their workplace. 

On the contrary, independent contractors might negotiate their work location for each project. Sometimes, they might work in the client’s office or their own office if they own a business. 

Hiring employees

Independent contractors might own their own businesses. In other words, they can hire employees to do ongoing work or delegate out smaller projects to freelancers. 

Although freelancers usually work independently, they can ask for help from other capable freelancers to complete projects.

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